The Handlebar Barbershop
2219 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd. #201 & #106
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362State and Zip

Services & Appointments

Welcome to The HandleBar Barbershop
While we strive to accomodate walk-in clients, we highly recommend calling ahead for an appointment:
 1-805-31SHAVE  (805-317-4283) 
All of our services include one complimentary beverage from the bar while you wait.

To book an appointment online:


January 2018 Update

Ashlee and her husband Joseph have started a new life in North Carolina, bringing west coast barbering to the east! 
Sadly they are gone... We already miss them terribly! 

Basic Beard Trim prices are changing to $15 for the majority of our barbers. 
Beard trims involving straight razor cleanups around the edges (Beard Sculpts) are $25*. This change will be effective February 2018.
* Master Barber Prices may vary.

 Fall 2017 Update

Ian and Mikey are finishing their barber apprenticeship after a solid two years of training. Once they pass their state  test (Likely before November 2017), they will be full fledged barbers and their pricing will reflect that of the normal shop rate.

-Service Menu-
Please view the different prices available for our services, which are based on the barber's experience.

The Gentleman
Shear or clipper cut- Shampoo and conditioner service with steamed towel may be added free of charge.


Young Men's Cut
Boys 12 and under


The Clean Cut
One setting buzz cut. Shampoo and conditioner service with steamed towel may be added free of charge.


The Shave / Bald Head Shave
Classic hot lather, multiple hot steamed towels scented with essential oils, pre-shave oil, straight razor shave, 'ice towel' finish, and post shave product application.


Two-Bits: Haircut and Shave
A combo treatment of The Gentleman and The Shave. Book together and save!


Please let you barber know which beard service you would like when you book your appointment. We now offer two different types of services:


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